Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Ty!

Today Ty turned 5 years old! He has been so excited about this day for weeks! We decided not to give him a party this year, but we wanted to do something special for him on his special day, so we planned several fun things to do. We started last night by taking him out to eat and letting him choose where he would like to go. With a little hinting from his dad, he chose Outback. D.J., of course, was happy to take him there! As we were eating, we let our waitress know that Ty was about to have a birthday. So... they sang to him and brought him a big bowl of ice cream with melted hot fudge sauce. What a smile he had on his face as he saw the crowd coming and heard them singing! It was a very proud, "yes, they're singing to me," kind of smile.

After school today, we met our friends Gabe, Ryanne, and Avery, and their great friends in town from California, Valerie, Savannah, and Landon at Monkey Joe's. They had a blast! Can you tell?

The Basketball Court

I mean....the wrestling pit.

After coming home from Monkey Joe's, we finally gave Ty his birthday gifts.

He has been talking about guitars for months now and loves to sing and play an imaginary guitar while he dances. In fact, for those of you who have seen him dance, you know that he cannot dance without strumming that imaginary guitar. We thought he might be ready for a real one to begin playing. He was very excited!

Micah didn't quite understand why he wasn't getting a guitar too. He asked over and over all day when it was going to be his birthday again and he wasn't too happy about Ty turning 5 today. What about this reaction when Micah realized what Ty was getting?

Things are better now....

Finally this evening, we went back over to Ryanne and Gabe's house, where Savannah had made surprise cupcakes for Ty. We sang Happy Birthday to him one more time and then it was his turn to serenade us all with his new guitar. This video was from earlier today, but many more of us got to experience the same thing tonight.

WARNING: 1. We're not sure that he's musically inclined. 2. He's been listening to a lot of Alabama's Greatest Hits in the truck with his dad.


I think it might be more work planning a "special day" than a birthday party!

On his special day, I must say how much I love my oldest son! He is a precious gift and a joy to spend everyday with! D.J. and I talk often about his tender heart and inquisitiveness. Ty loves to sit and have a conversation with you and would probably prefer to do that than play. He is also a wonderful big brother! I can't wait to continue to watch him become the boy that God has created him to be. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TY!!


Stacy C. said...

Happy Birthday Ty!!!

It looks like he had a fun filled day. They are getting so big so fast!

Stacy C. said...

The video is too cute!

Summer Laney said...

Happy Birthday Ty!!

We all heard tonight about Ty's guitar. I am glad you posted the video.. it was very cute!

I have seen his dance moves and they ALWAYS include the guitar so I know he must love his present!

Glad he had a great special day :)

April said...

Oh my goodness! I didn't know you had a blog. I just found it tonight. I am so proud of you! I find myself paying extra close attention to things the girls do that make for a good blog. It has been so rewarding and helped me to be aware of all of my blessings!! I only hope this doesn't end up like my scrapbook...stuck in 2006!Your boys are handsome and Lilian is a beauty!! Take care and Happy Birthday Ty!

Summer Martin said...

Happy Birthday Ty!! He is getting so big. Micah's face when Ty was opening presents is priceless, and reminds me so much of my Zachary when it was Andrew's birthday last month.

Rhonda said...

Oh my goodness!! That video is great!! I just laughed and laughed - and Jake wanted to watch it 3 times. :) Happy Birthday Ty...5 is a big one!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday, Ty!! What an awesome day it sounds like it was :)

Natalie Kellett said...

Oh very cute. Happy Birthday Ty!! Laurel, I did not know you had a blog. I'm glad Summer told me. And I love the pic of all three of them tooooo cute

Jennifer said...

Happy B'day Ty!!!! He is a sweet and very special boy. I have enjoyed watching him grow up in the last 5 yrs... Maybe one day he will be leading the band at church..

Poppa and GloGlo said...

Happy Birthday, Ty!
We think you did a great job singing and playing the guitar. You have great musical talent...that you must have gotten from your Mom. We look forward to a private performance over Christmas at Lacy's.
Poppa and GloGlo

snookmama said...

Yay! Welcome Laurel. I am so excited. I think Ty has potential--he can join Day 6 now if he wants!
I cannot believe he is 5. You'll be so glad you're blogging.

Stephen and Laura Timmons said...

How did I not know about a Horton blog? I'm so excited! I can't wait to read back through it all.
Super cute video! Happy Birthday Ty!

Jeff, Les and Max said...

Great video! The kids are so beautiful!

jkstrib said...

There is an opening in the orchestra for that precious baby any time he is ready. It is so hard to believe he is FIVE! Wow, time flies. Welcome to the world of blogging. Thanks for giving me another one to check! :) Come visit me too!

Jimmy Moore said...

Ty looks like Steven Curtis Chapman playing the guitar! CUTE PICS!