Saturday, February 14, 2009

Seven Months Old

Lilian turned 7 months old this past Tuesday. Though this was the day Micah was so sick, I took a few minutes to snap a few pictures of our pretty little girl while he was getting a breathing treatment.

Lilian's Milestones

How is it that they grow up so fast?!

Last week, in the span of 3 days, Lilian learned so many new things. She began to crawl (or her version of crawling), imitated a wave several times, finally began reaching for me, and is now sitting up very well.

The four of us are having so much fun experiencing her sweet and smiley personality and watching her change and grow so quickly. I think it is true that each child grows up a little quicker. I do wish it would slow down!

This is a video I took last Saturday. A day after Lily realized she could go and get where and what she wanted.

Poor Micah!

These are a few pictures from Micah's recent 2 day stay in the hospital. For the first time in over 2 years, he had a really bad asthma episode and was having to work so hard to breathe that his pediatrician felt he needed to be admitted to the hospital for steroids, antibiotics, and fluids. I think the poor boy will forever be terrified of the doctor's office, nurses, and a hospital room. He had blood drawn from his finger, a shot in each leg, 2 different tests that involved a swab and then a hose up both nostrils, a chest x-ray, continual breathing treatments, and blood pressure and temperature checks. If that weren't enough, he was dehydrated enough that when they tried to put the IV in his hands they blew the vein each time so they had to call the nurses from the nursery up to put the IV in his foot (as seen in the picture). On top of that, Thursday morning before we came home nursing students were on the pediatric floor. We had 3 in and out of our room and one got to learn how to remove all of the tape from Micah's foot and take his IV out.
Overall, Micah did wonderful and is feeling much better!