Thursday, March 12, 2009

More Milestones

I must say that I have absolutely loved having a little girl! Lily has definitely captured each of our hearts (even her brother's!). The sad thing is that she is growing and changing way too fast!

She has now been crawling (the correct way) for almost a month and 2 weeks ago, in one day, she began pulling up on anything and everything she can get the little tips of her fingers on. Besides already getting a couple of bruises on her forehead from falling when she pulls up, I've had to move her crib to a new wall (to keep her from going crazy playing with curtains that hung beside her crib), I've had to find baskets to place in front of cords that look so good to chew on, and I've become much less productive, as I can't leave Lilian anywhere without her getting into or onto something that could be dangerous. I'm now working very slowly with a baby on my hip or working on something for a minute or two and then running back into the room she's in to check on her. (Thankfully, our house is very small.)

Actually...I am so thankful that our house is full of children that sometimes make it hard to be neat and productive. They are truly a joy and wonderful blessing!

How quickly we forget about these precious stages!

Fun in the Mud!

After 2 1/2 days of rain and 5 inches of snow, our yard was pretty soggy for days. As it began to warm up late last week, the boys began to spend more time outside. They were playing outside one afternoon, having a great time and getting along very well. Their fun began in the garage and on the driveway and sidewalk, where it was nice and dry. As I checked on them throughout their play time I was just waiting for them to venture into the yard, and hence the mud. They had on play clothes and were having such a great time, I had already decided I was going to let them get as messy as their little hearts desired.

Sure enough, I peaked out the door to check on "their fun" and they were having some! Their shoes and pants were wet up to their knees, they had mud on their faces, and they were using sticks and their fingers to play some game in a mud hole. Who knew one little mud whole could be so much fun?!

Great Snow!

So I'm way behind on this blog. I have much I'd like to blog about, but I think I'll start with pictures from our snow last week.

The snow began Sunday afternoon, and it was great to be able to watch most of it fall. It seems that on the rare occasion that it does snow, it always happens in the middle of the night. This time, we were able to watch a lot of it accumulate before going to bed.

We awoke to a good 5 inches. The boys played in the yard a little with DJ and then went sledding down a hill in our neighborhood with some neighbors and their dad. I'm really glad I wasn't there to watch that, after hearing stories from DJ about Ty being on the front and Micah on the back and flying over a ditch and a downed power line. I would have definitely ruined all of the fun if I had been supervising (though I wonder how much supervising DJ was doing?) :)

The snow was beautiful to look at and Lily and I enjoyed our warm home together, while the boys had their fun outside.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Eight Months!

I have much more to blog about!! Hope to post soon!