Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Five Wonderful Months!

The first five months of Lilian's life have definitely flown by. I wondered what life with three young children would be like. I spent a lot of time praying before her birth that I would be filled with patience with everyone in my home, including myself, despite how I might feel physically at times. I prayed that I would experience joy and contentment at home, knowing it would be more difficult to randomly leave the house just because I felt like I needed to get out. There were many other things I asked the Lord about as well, knowing what I tend to struggle with.

I must say...He has been so faithful! These five months have been absolutely wonderful! I love being a mom now more than ever and each of my children continue to remind me of the extraordinary gift God has given me in allowing me to be their mom.

As everyone said, having a girl has been lots of fun. Lilian has such a sweet personality. If my memory serves me correctly (which it often does not these days), she is much more content than the boys were. I love the way she smiles with her mouth wide open. And I love watching her with Ty and Micah. She obviously loves them, as she smiles as soon as they come into her view. Micah is much better at calming her when she is fussing than I am and he is the only one who can make her laugh. When the boys lean in close to Lilian, she reaches toward their face and immediately begins cooing at them.
To celebrate Lilian's 5th month, I'm going to post a picture from each month of her life. (I think she looks more and more like D.J. with each picture.)

Day 2
1 month

2 months

3 months

4 months

5 months


Rhonda said...

Laurel, you've done a great job!! Your first page looks WAY better than mine did....mine was pretty bad. :)
And your Christmas picture is adorable - love Ty's sweater!! I looked for Jake an argyle one but everyone was out of his size by the time I got there!
Keep up the blogging!!

Stacy C. said...

I am so happy that you started a blog!!! The Christmas picture is too cute. And I agree that she looks just like DJ.

Summer Martin said...

Yeah!! Another blog to read! I agree that she looks more and more like DJ everyday. On Wed. night Ashley was called her Donna Jo. Can't wait to read more:)

Summer Laney said...

I am so excited to have a new blog to read! The blog looks great by the way! And I love the Christmas picture.

Natalie Kellett said...

Yep, definetly looks like dj

Jennifer said...

She is precious!!!! She looks alot like the boys did when they were little... Thank you for sharing your family with us. Your page looks great, you will have to tell me how you do it...