Thursday, March 12, 2009

More Milestones

I must say that I have absolutely loved having a little girl! Lily has definitely captured each of our hearts (even her brother's!). The sad thing is that she is growing and changing way too fast!

She has now been crawling (the correct way) for almost a month and 2 weeks ago, in one day, she began pulling up on anything and everything she can get the little tips of her fingers on. Besides already getting a couple of bruises on her forehead from falling when she pulls up, I've had to move her crib to a new wall (to keep her from going crazy playing with curtains that hung beside her crib), I've had to find baskets to place in front of cords that look so good to chew on, and I've become much less productive, as I can't leave Lilian anywhere without her getting into or onto something that could be dangerous. I'm now working very slowly with a baby on my hip or working on something for a minute or two and then running back into the room she's in to check on her. (Thankfully, our house is very small.)

Actually...I am so thankful that our house is full of children that sometimes make it hard to be neat and productive. They are truly a joy and wonderful blessing!

How quickly we forget about these precious stages!


Summer Laney said...

I just can't believe she is so big. Time surely does fly!

Tracy said...

She is SOOOO cute!

Natalie Kellett said...

She is just so cute and getting soooo big!! She is just precious!