Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Little Hunters

While I can't say that I quite understand the thrill of hunting, I have a husband who is absolutely in love with the sport and two little boys who are quickly following in their daddy's footsteps.

Tonight they got to go sit in a stand with their daddy and watch him kill a deer for the first time. I must say there were three extremely happy boys in our house tonight.

Here is the proud picture from D.J.'s phone.


Stacy said...

I bet the boys {all 3} were very happy!!! Corey is hoping to take the boys this year!

Summer said...

This makes me so glad that I had girls!!! Glad they had fun:)

jkstrib said...

Our boys love to hunt too! Cute pic!

Jennifer said...

Boy, I bet DJ was excited killing a deer and having the boys there with him. It is a cute picture.

Just think one day they will have little Lillian out there too... :)

April said...

oh...that is priceless!!