Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Egg Dying and Egg Hunting

We had a great Easter this year! DJ and I tried to make sure we emphasized the true meaning of Easter over and over again with the boys. Ty especially is at an age where he can remember all of the facts surrounding Jesus' death and resurrection, but is also beginning to put together some of the significance of this extraordinary event. While not one of us can fully comprehend or understand the magnitude of Jesus' sacrifice, it is a joy to try and teach and explain this to our kids, and then watch as their minds work to understand and listen as they question your teaching. I am so thankful that while our God and His love are so magnificent, His gospel is also simple enough for a child to grasp and understand!

Some of our Easter happenings!!

We died Easter eggs the Friday before Easter. The boys really enjoyed this and I tried to be as hands-off as possible and allow them to have fun creating their eggs. Thankfully, we attempted this out on our front porch, as I assumed we might have an accident with the dye. ;)

Micah's accident....He was trying to be helpful (even though I did not ask him to help...) and bring the dye inside for me. When he was told to turn around and go back outside, this is what happened. At least it happened on the porch and not on the carpet...and yes, I did have to get out the bleach to clean this up. ;)

Pouting on the porch, waiting for his bath to run.

Lily playing with her own Easter eggs!

Our Easter egg hunt at church. Getting a little love before the hunt begins.

If I can't hunt eggs, I might as well play with my shoes!


Stacy said...

Hey I see you got some pictures with her dress:) The are too cute!

Rhonda said...

I have another picture you could add...I think it's pretty funny! ;) I think we'll move our egg dying to the porch next year!!